Since the beach has such a profound place in my personal life and work, the picture above is deliberately oversized. So, thank you for surfing down to this introduction.


Since 2012, I am a freelance copywriter in the world of music, media & entertainment. In my work I like to blend my musical background as an independent artist manager (Giovanca, Dotan, Nikki) and publicist (a.o. EMI Music, Universal Music, Dox Records) with my ardour for languages and writing. For years, I have enjoyed being up close with unique artists who I guided throughout their dynamic careers. And as a publicist, I always strived to make the world aware of great music, mainly by spreading the word. Copywriting has therefore always been an important part of my job, the basis actually. All good things start with a good story, I believe. Composing words into stories that may move or interest people, is what I love to do and why I became a copywriter. 


Currently, I am the copywriter of Universal Music Netherlands. My work includes writing and translating articles for media purposes such as press releases and news letters. As a writer, I do interviews, write long reads, short stories, texts for websites, reviews and artist and album biographies in the field of pop music, singer-songwriter, hip hop, rock, R&B, jazz and (modern) classical music. With a view to my interest and backgound, I offer clients translations of my own work and other music copy, from English to Dutch and vice versa. Additionally, I am working on a debut novel about a young artist in the music industry, which I hope to finish and publish in the near future.

I also still give advice to young artists about their work and future plans. If this is you, email me at danielle@strawberryblue.nl

Oh, and the beach above? Well, that is where I live & work and where, if you like, we can have tea or coffee and an open conversation overlooking the North Sea. If you are interested in working together, please feel free to contact me.

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Daniëlle Siccama

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